My Net Worth is Finally Positive!

Apr 26

Milestone Achieved!


It’s important to have milestones for every major goal.

Obtaining a positive net worth is one of those milestones for me on my journey to financial independence.

I went from $75,000 in student loan debt to a positive net worth in less than four years. At the same time, I’ve increased my base salary by 37% and cut my housing and transportation costs dramatically which will help compound my savings and net worth growth.


What’s Changed Now that My Net Worth is Positive?

Although I’m still budgeting, I’m not obsessing over it like I did the first couple years out of college. It’s always good to have a road map, but it’s unhealthy to obsess over money each day for long periods of time.

I’m at the point now where I don’t count pennies and I am able to grab wings with a buddy at the local pub without feeling guilty. Yes, many decisions like this on a daily basis would throw me way off track, but having a healthy social life is part of a fun and balanced life.

Additionally, I’m giving in a bit to my inner desire to travel both internationally and locally. However, these trips are saved for in advance.


Does it Feel Different?

To be honest, it doesn’t feel much different. When I formed my 2016 budget, I knew I’d have a positive net worth in April as long as I followed my plan.

Although I’ve been over budget, the first few months of the year, it wasn’t enough to materially impact where I thought I’d be in April.

This is why planning and budgeting is so important. Once the plan is set up, you become comfortable with your situation and the mental relieve occurs at the time you understand the plan, not on the day to day execution of it.



It’s a great feeling knowing my plan is working and I am worth as much as I would have been if I would have just done nothing after high school. However, my future earnings power is dramatically greater than if I had done nothing.

Although I have achieved this milestone, I still have a long way to go on my journey to reach financial independence.


Do you remember the month your net worth changed from negative to positive? How did it feel?


  1. Great milestone to reach the positive net worth area!

    Also to me, reaching a financial goal does not bring the happiness I expected. To me, this confirms that the money is only a mean to the ultimate goal: Freedom

  2. Chris /

    Congrats! It is a big milestone. The wife and I also had a long road out of debt before we finally went positive. With your current discipline it will grow very fast. We went from negative -$298,000 to positive $380,000.

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