March 2016 Expense Report

Apr 12

In March, I visited a friend that lives several hundred miles away, attended a networking event, and bought some podcasting equipment. As a result, I missed in quite a few categories!

All expenses below are MY expenses. Our housing expenses are split 50/50. All other expenses I pay for or reimburse Ms. Red to Riches if she paid for them and vice versa.

Housing Expenses                                                   Actual | Budget

Mortgage, Insurance, Real Estate Taxes                         300 | 300

Utilities                                                                             142 | 74

Internet & Cable                                                                58 | 60

Basic Living Expenses

Groceries                                                                        124 | 120

Household Items                                                              13  | 25

Clothes                                                                               0 | 10

Pets                                                                                  21 | 40

Phone                                                                               50 | 50

Transportation (excluding car payment)

Gas                                                                                   64 | 25

License Renewal                                                               35 | 0

Entertainment & Gifts

Entertainment                                                                 222 | 40

Alcohol                                                                             59 | 35

Dining Out                                                                      100 | 40

Health                                                                               55 | 50

Gifts                                                                                   3 | 30

Charitable Donations                                                       35 | 35


Business (websites, marketing, etc)                               268 | 150

Education (books,                                       23 | 30

Misc                                                                                  34 | 0

Total Expenses                                                       $1,606 | $1,114

*Note – I exclude my payments to my lenders for student loans and my car. I track them, but for the purpose of reporting my expenses, I don’t think it provides much value to split out minimum payments vs excess payments and principal vs interest. My goal is to become financially independent. When I’m financially independent, the expenses above will exist. My student loans and car loan will be eliminated. I include my mortgage/housing because my alternative is renting. I will have one of these cash outflows during retirement and I am capturing that.


Housing Expenses

Same ol same ol. See January for a longer discussion of the subject.

Basic Living Expenses

I’m still eating my salads and emphasizing fresh food when grocery shopping. Although, part of the reason I was near my budget was due to traveling a few days during the month and eating at restaurants instead.


Lots of driving in March due to visiting friends and a few parks.

Entertainment & Gifts

Entertainment – I visited a friend for a long weekend and ended up going out to dinner a few times and attending a couple of events. Things added up quickly!

Alcohol – I need to stop drinking beer that is $10 per six pack…

FYI: If I go to a bar and drink, I include it in Entertainment. If I buy alcohol at a store, I include it in alcohol.

Health – Gym membership and a few supplements.

Gifts – Fudge for Ms. Red to Riches!

Charitable Donations – Donated to a local charity.


Business – Aweber email services, Google Adwords, and purchased a new domain and a year of hosting. Also bought a microphone and headphones (ie: beginner podcasting equipment).

Education –!


This month wasn’t very pretty in terms of my budget, but I did enjoy myself and I am excited to start a few new ideas in the future.

How was your March?

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  1. Spending on entertainment can be a good thing. In April, I paid my ticket for a techno event in the summer… Life happens, we should enjoy a little

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