Weekly Update: Interview Time

Feb 12

I’ve worked on reducing my cash outflows for a couple years. I’m not at the lowest possible amount I could achieve, but I’m at a point where I feel comfortable with my budget. Excluding my student loans and car loan payments, I could live comfortably on $12,000 per year. However, maintaining a decent social life and creating new experiences will cost a little more than $12,000 per year. Without substantial vacations, this number would be somewhere in the $14,000 per year range. Essentially, the law of diminishing returns has completed its cycle in regards to my expenses. When I first took control of my personal expenses, the savings were significant and within months I could see improvements in my finances. Now, if I cut my dining out budget from $30 per month to $0, I will be saving $360 per year. That’s not going to make much of a dent in my financial position. However, when I originally began my professional career, I ate out with coworkers almost daily (~$150 per month) and that didn’t even include weekend meals or meals with friends outside of work. The potential for saving was closer to $2,000 to $3,000 per year! Now it’s time to hit the other side of the equation: Income – Expenses = Net Income. Part-time jobs are not difficult to find. Part-time jobs that fit into your schedule AND are fulfilling is difficult. After lurking on Craigslist almost daily for six months, there are two jobs I’ve seen an abundance of and would fit into my schedule: office cleaning on evenings and daily paper routes. Both pay near minimum wage in my area. My INTERVIEW for tomorrow is for the diamond in the rough I found. BOOK KEEPING! It is for a flexible part-time book keeping position for a recognizable local retailer. The description was short, but it is flexible including options to complete the work at home and during non-traditional working hours. The primary reason I am excited for this position is because it could strengthen my book keeping skill set which can pay off in the future. My previous employer used more advanced software than Quick Books, but becoming an expert in Quick Books will be a valuable...

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Thursday Update

Feb 05

Although I planned on only posting once a week, I wanted to provide a mid-week update to keep my readers informed and to write about topics that may not require full length posts. These updates will be primarily Wednesday/Thursday and I will basically be spewing out my thoughts electronically to provide insight into Red to Riches living. It keeps me engaged during the week and hopefully provides some entertainment and/or knowledge to my readers.   Weekly Update For this weekend, I am preparing my very first net worth update. I’ve been back and forth on how I am going to present it, and I just signed up for PersonalCapital. The charts are automatic and once it is all set up, it should be much less time in the future to update each month. However, the initial steps and the verification of all of my accounts is taking longer than I had anticipated (I was hoping to have posted it on Sunday). Additionally, work has picked up a little bit this week. On top of that, Ms. Red to Riches’ dog (ie: my step dog) has been having some complications. We spent a few hours in the animal emergency room on Tuesday night and had another scare on Wednesday night. As I’m writing this on Thursday night, he has improved quite a bit and we have been spoiling him like crazy. Changing subjects, when I walked to work today, it was -5 degrees and -20 degree windchill. To my surprise, I was able to tough the winter weather and walk to work. To get an idea of my gear: dress shirt, dress pants, sweatshirt, triple insulated winter coat, scarf, ear muffs, face mask hood and gloves. Basically, everything is covered up except for my eyes. However, dress pants and cold weather are not great friends. If my walk was any further than one mile, I don’t think my knees would be able to make it. If I can walk in this weather, I have no excuse to exceed my fitness goal. Changing subjects again, I’ve been monitoring my blog with google analytics and so far I am quite pleased with my results. Although the total number of readers is low, their activity is...

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