Are Tax Refunds Good or Bad?

Mar 22

Have you ever heard someone tell you they were mad because their tax refund was so small or maybe the even had to owe in?

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My Employer Wants to Help You Build an Emergency Fund

Dec 15

A couple of weeks ago, I came home from work and like normal, I emptied out our mailbox. As I sifted through the mostly useless junk mail, I came across an envelope from my employer.

As I put the envelope up to the kitchen light to see which end to tear, I could tell by its thickness it was likely another quarterly newsletter. Normally I scan the articles and recycle it promptly, but this time was different.

The newsletter is the quality of something I would have made in a marketing class in high school. It consists of several 11×17 pages folded in half with company updates and articles typically focusing on health and safety.

While walking toward the recycling bin, I opened the newsletter and was I shock.

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The Frugal Professional’s Guide on How to Buy Business Shirts

Nov 29

The Frugal Professional’s Guide on How to Buy Business Shirts

The Frugal Professional’s Guide on How to Buy Business Shirts – Cheap and Effective

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How Much is a Commute Worth?

Oct 20

A common question I have had to answer for myself in the past is “How much is a commute worth?”

Currently, my commute is less than 2 minutes driving and about a 15 minute walk.

But what if I received a job offer that increased my commute by 30 minutes? How does one go about analyzing how much more money he or she would need to compensate them for not only the mileage, but also their time?

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Back to Basics: How to Get Your Credit Report for Free

Jul 24

Credit reports? Boringggggggggggg! It’s not sexy, but this is an important topic, especially for soon to be or recent college graduates. This topic relates to my “ah ha” moment… well more like my “oh shit” moment in life. If you’re a recent college grad and trying to determine how much and to which companies you owe, this is a great article for you!   My Story I remember where I was when I first checked my credit report. Sitting at my kitchen counter in my unfurnished one bedroom apartment, I gained the courage to finally review the mess I created. Just a few weeks earlier, I received a letter from Discover Student Loans (the worst company ever to deal with) that my loans would begin repayment in six months. The accrued interest was rolled into the principal and the balance outstanding was over $50,000. $50,000!? I knew I had other student loans out there as well. What were those balances? Where were those letters? At the same time, I was about to start my big boy job at $47,500. I originally thought this was great money right out of college. But with loans in excess of my salary, I began wondering if I would even be able to make my minimum payments after rent and food. This kicked my ass into gear. No one, not even my closest friend, knew I had such a large amount of student loans. Worst of all, I graduated with a degree in accounting and finance. How can I graduate with a finance degree and not even know my own finances?!   Where to Get Your Free Credit Report I know, it doesn’t look very official, and with all the scams and “free” credit report websites, how can you know this is the right site? Review these two governmental pages and they will link you there as well. No fancy jingle necessary.   Why is My Credit Report Important? A credit report is important because it’s primarily used to judge you. It’s one of the few ways a lender uses to gain insight into your financial life. Wouldn’t you be curious what their seeing when they’re reviewing your creditworthiness? For recent college...

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